Tired of watching Skip Bayless lead a rise in unintelligent sports coverage throughout ESPN that spreads like a deadly virus throughout the sports media? Don’t worry; you’re not the only one. You’re safe here.

Fearing for the state of sports journalism, I decided to launch a web site that would challenge pundits who sway from logic and abide by antiquated theories and ideas. After witnessing the rise of political fact-checking venues that took politicians and cable news analysts to task, a similar outlet for the sporting community seemed like a much-needed tool.

The Gould Standard aims to question claims made in sports media that are not properly backed by statistical evidence. Hopefully this site can serve as a safe-haven for reason, rationality and thought-provoking content in a world of sports analysis that has become flooded in sensationalism and shouting matches.

This is for every sports fan who read or heard a comment supported by no evidence and thought, “That doesn’t sound right.” My goal is to dive through the numbers and find out just much how accuracy exists in these claims.

Feel free to give me a taste of my own medicine and put me to task on what I write. Comment or email me at agould1@ramapo.edu.

Now let the numbers crunching commence!


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